Technische Universität München


Today, the TU Munich is compiled of 12 faculties with 240 academic chairs, more than 240 professors and almost 4,000 staff members and is one of Germany's most renowned universities for science and engineering. In association with the other universities in Munich, TUM has an excellent infrastructure for cross-disciplined research as well as continuing education courses. TUM is closely connected with the names of famous scientists like Rudolf Diesel, Claude Dornier, Carl von Linde, Wilhelm Messerschmitt, Wilhelm Nusselt, Hans Piloty, Friedrich von Thiersch and Heinrich Wieland.
The Institute of Aeronautical Engineering (LLT) with its 13 scientists is covering as an aeronautical systems institute the complex system “air transportation” in education as well as in certain areas of research. In addition to the engineering and development aspects of aircraft, aeronautics is concerned with all facets of safe, economically, and environmentally friendly air traffic and transportation. The five pillars in Research and Education are: Design and Evaluation of Aircraft and Aircraft Systems, Aviation and Environment, Airport Operations, Passenger and Cabin as well as ATM activities. Scenario Analysis Techniques are being developed and applied for strategic research in air transport and aviation. Very active research collaboration is taking place with medium-sized industrial partners from Bavaria (Liebherr, Grob, AOA-Gauting, Diehl, IABG, Munich Airport) as well as European industry leaders like Airbus, Eurocopter, MTU AeroEngines, EADS, and internationally with Universities and Research Establishments in Europe (EASN), Asia, Australia and USA.