Straeter Consulting

Sträter Consulting was founded 2005 after the retirement of Dr. Bernd Sträter. He mainly consults enterprises and higher education institutions with activities in aerospace. The consulting activities include strategic orientation, business plans, marketing and event organisation.

Sträter Consulting
Tobelweg 30
88090 Immenstaad, Germany

Key personnel: Dr. Bernd Sträter
Sträter studied mechanical engineering at Technical University Darmstadt. After the diploma in 1969 he worked as an assistant professor at the Institute of aeronautical engineering at TH Darmstadt with research activities in aircraft design, aeronautics and wind tunnel techniques. 1976 PhD: Propeller-wing interference of VTOL aircrafts. Before going into the aeronautical industry Sträter worked for the German Ministry of Research and Technology as a programme manager for the financially supported research programmes in the aeronautical industries. In 1978 Sträter joined the aircraft design office of Dornier Company. After being responsible for the development of new military and civil aircraft he was appointed to a board member and GM of Dornier Aviation GmbH responsible for engineering including flight test, prototyping and the product responsibility for the Dornier commuter aircrafts (Do 228 + Do 328) in 1988. In the years of his responsibility layouts of new amphibians, worldwide market research for amphibians and the upgrade of an ancient amphibian Do 24 with a wing of new technology were centres of company’s activities. After the major shareholder Deutsche Aerospace (DASA) sold Dornier Aviation GmbH to Fairchild Sträter was appointed by DASA board to President and Managing Director of Eurocolumbus (European space station (ISS) Programme Company – managing the Columbus module). After reorganisation of Eurocolumbus Sträter became Manager of the Profit Centre Daimler Benz Airport Systems“ responsible for worldwide airport business of DASA and associated companies of Daimler-Benz. In 1999 Daimler Benz Airport System was sold to Honeywell and Sträter left DASA (meanwhile EADS) and was appointed to President and Managing Director of Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH and Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei GmbH the largest Lighter than Air (LTA) industrial company in the world for the time being. After the retirement Sträter is engaged in education (lecture in project management) in “Berufsakademie Friedrichshafen”, amongst others he is responsible for building up a new branch of study “aerospace engineering”. Beside the consultant activities for aeronautical industries he organizes international convention. In 2007 he was Technical Chairman for AIAA international ATIO+LTA convention in Belfast and for the international LTA conference 2008 in Friedrichshafen in the occasion of the centenary of Zeppelin foundation he is the consulting committee chairman and co-organizer with DGLR. Sträter is a registered expert for aeronautical engineering, aircraft design and operation and LTA in EC and Germany and was recently appointed to evaluation teams in Berlin and Brussels.