Rzeszow University

Rzeszow University of Technology (RUT) provides technical education since 1951. In the 1st of October of 1974 The Higher Engineering School was granted university status as the Rzeszow University of Technology. The school became the academic centre of significant importance to the south-east region of Poland. Rzeszow University of Technology (R.U.T.), having staff of high professional qualifications and necessary base for the research works, offers its services in almost all fields of engineering.

RUT provides education at 5 faculties:
Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Management and Marketing (non engineering).

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics is the oldest and largest faculty at the Rzeszow University of Technology.

Research areas of the Faculty:

  • aircraft design,
  • jet engines,
  • avionics,
  • aerodynamics,
  • structures and techniques.

The university co-operates in various ways with industry and has established consulting teaching centres for part-time students in Debica, Krosno, Tarnobrzeg, Mielec, Sanok, Stalowa Wola and Przemysl. Among all the other technical universities in Poland, Rzeszów University of Technology stands out as the only one where, since 1975, it has been possible to study for M.Sc. degrees and engineer titles, as well as work towards obtaining a professional pilot's licence.

Number of students: 16.000
Adress: Politechnika Rzeszowska, ul. W. Pola 2, 35-959 Rzeszow, Poland