Ideas and Concept

The annual air traffic growth rate of 5% and higher was nearly constant over the last decade and IATA forecasts the same or even higher rate for the coming years. As a consequencethe capacity overload of current airports and the demand for point-to-point connections even to destinations away from existing airports has considerably grown. Looking to the huge ocean and lake shores and the huge number of islands in Europe which were considerably increased by the new EC member states it must be recognised that there is a great potential for an international air traffic system using seaplanes and amphibians. With these vehicles new traffic routes can be developed with the advantage of short flights and the use of natural landing strips. By using amphibians point to point connections from shorelines to national and international airports can be realised, too. But scheduled commuter seaplane or amphibian operations are only available in a very few locations in Europe, at present. Operators and entrepreneurs interested in starting new seaplane businesses in Europe report about missing modern airplanes, missing international standards and rules and missing expertise of various stakeholders. Based on this preliminary analysis the proposal aims to investigate the today’s seaplane situation and to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths and to elaborate a set of concepts and requirements for a future seaplane air transportation system for “Improving passenger choice in air transportation” including technical requirements for “new vehicles”.