Dornier Technology Aviation

After Deutsche Aerospace (DASA) sold Dornier Aviation GmbH to Fairchild with the consequence that the engineering departments at the Lake of Constance were closed in 1995, capable engineers with experience in aircraft design and system development and the experience of realising the commuter planes Do 228 and Do 328 formed a new engineering company with the support of the Dornier family. Iren Dornier a grand child of the founder of the famous Dornier Company – Claude Dornier – founded Dornier Technology in 1996. Since then well-versed engineers from aircraft construction, electronics and software lobby for well-known customers (e.g. EADS, Airbus, Recaro).

Dornier Technology primarily works in four different design and development fields in the aviation industry:

  • Aviation electronics
  • Test rigs for aviation components
  • Aeronautical devices
  • Design and production of amphibian airplanes

With the recently introduced new amphibian airplane S´ray 007 (two seater), the aviation department was given an own legal body (Dornier Technology Aviation GmbH) under the umbrella of the Dornier Technology GmbH & Co KG. Dornier Technology and Dornier Technology Aviation are typical SME with about 40 employees in total.

The companies are qualified according ISO 9001.
Dornier Technologie GmbH & Co.KG ,
Hallendorferstraße 11,
88690 Uhldingen- Mühlhofen